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Here is the incendiary letter to Barack Obama Gaye Bara OPEN LETTER TO PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA

mercredi 26 juin 2013

"With three dollars, African youth will work miracles and exploits"


It was expected that you meet some representatives of young African leaders during your stay in our continent. But my chances to participate in the conclave, as Secretary General of the National Youth Council of Senegal (NPCs) during your stay in Dakar, have soared since my imprisonment on May 27th, 2013 Rebeuss prison. I am in prison for the alleged crime of insulting the Head of State. This offense punishable under section 80 of the Senegalese penal code is a legacy of colonial France. Given its obsolete and starkly in a modern democracy, the French Republic was repealed. Better, Senegal, in 2008, had signed commitments to the Council of Human Rights of the United Nations on the occasion of the Universal Periodic Review for the repeal of Article 80.

Despite this, I am now imprisoned arbitrarily that in which the Senegalese people wore an inordinate hope in electing him with 65% of votes. Unfortunately, Macky Sall is betraying the hopes of the people that glorious past, suffers deeply. Pathologies are numerous :

. The nagging issue of electricity, yet solved by the liberal regime, following a plan called "Takkal" today is the major problem of our citizens. In the suburbs of Dakar and within the country, the electricity rationing is every other day. .

. Households become poorer.

. The dignitaries of the former regime are now treated as own evil, demonized in public opinion, hounded by the police, gendarmerie, customs, expert evaluators, the ordinary courts and exception.


The most shared today in Senegal assertions are "Rewmi Doxul (the country does not work)", "Xaliss Amul (money does not circulate)" and "Mo Rewmi Macky (the country is wrong)." Given all these considerations, the Head of State serves us as a response that is the dirty money that flows more while forgetting that he made his fortune in the old regime in which he held the following positions : CEO, Minister, Minister of State, Prime Minister and President of the National Assembly.


You arrive in a country where society is broken down because a company is a company that does not dream of a country’s water shortage and electricity, immersed in renewed violence and crime, a disastrous crop.

Dear Obama,

You stay in a country that is experiencing a decline in imports of 35% and 75% of the youth (18-35years) are unemployed. This is the great national depression, only 15 months after 2nd democratic change.


You come from, anyway, in a country which is a showcase of democratic Africa. However, I invite you to enter the antechamber of the window.

The first President of Senegal, Leopold Sedar Senghor taught us Nuance, his successor President Abdou Diouf told us ELEGANCE Republic. President Abdoulaye Wade has taught us the AUDACITY. It is he who has the Senegalese uninhibited through the achievements of high bills and international leadership said. About Macky Sall, the people still waiting it poses strong and revolutionary acts to make history. Breaking vaunted is currently found.


African youth loses his bearings increasingly considering the behavior of our leaders, who, seeking to behave like Democrats, but once in power tend to forget the sovereign people and make a confusion between the family (Faye , Sall, Dimbo) and the Republic. In Senegal, Macky Sall, then presidential candidate, promised 500,000 jobs to the youth of my country to be 100,000 jobs / year. Almost two years in power, we’re only 1200 jobs promised in the Public Service if not zero employment. Admission of impotence !

Is it not you who said during your stay in Accra that "Africa does not need strong men but strong institutions" ?

In your capacity as leader of the G8 and G20, you know that the adverse effects of the financial and economic crisis are felt unprecedented in Africa south of the Sahara and elsewhere. Evidenced by illegal immigration, which has recorded tens of thousands of deaths of young African brain drain to horizons, yet often uncertain, the upsurge of crime in Africa, riots and other tribal wars child soldiers, narco terrorism, epidemics and pandemics etc..


Several of your African counterparts that you visit, for purely political considerations, make their people believe that you are the Messiah to boost their development. Yet Africa, the cradle of humanity, is undoubtedly the future of the planet to its inexhaustible reserves of human and natural resources.

Macky Sall, which grows when the people lose weight says : "With zero tolerance, I will hunt down and watch all these young people who dare oppose me." The master policy Macky Sall, President Abdoulaye Wade said : "When my youth is better than billion abroad ’. Precisely because the youth was in the beachhead of the popular movement that was released from prison during the reign of the Socialist Party and then brought him to power in 2000. This valiant intellectual, Pan-Africanist, the builder of modern Senegal, whose works remain forever engraved in golden letters in the collective memory for posterity, has correctly viewed the African youth as the fertile soil of expectations arisen Union African he has always dreamed of. In the current context of globalization and globalization, we believe that Africa needs to do introspection to not miss the "appointment" of given and received. Accordingly, it is your duty, President Obama, to help current and future youth of Africa to dispose of this superiority complex vis-à-vis the West. You, developed countries help us take care of ourselves, to give hope to the African youth to use our own resources to get the maximum benefit. Help us put an end to wars and conflicts that are an obstacle to development. You developed countries, help us to stop the brain drain and ensure technology transfer.

To conclude, Mr. President, I would make a few suggestions :

1-Think about holding an international conference under the auspices of the United Nations on youth employment in Africa

2-examine the idea of ​​a United Nations youth employment and funding youth projects Heavily Indebted Poor Countries (Pppte)

3-Mobilize three (3) dollars on each plane ticket to Africa to finance employment, technical and vocational training etc..

4-Collect and raise three (3) dollars on every bank transaction related to Africa to fight against infant mortality, the development of information technology and communication, and reintegration of child soldiers in African society.

With three (3) dollars, African youth will work miracles and exploits. The revolution in the financing methods that I have to offer is the fact that for once, this is not a bilateral but multilateral least some kind of contribution of Northerners to the South.

That, Mr. Speaker, the message of the African youth I could deliver you from my prison cell Rebeuss.

Hoping that the impact of your travel will be higher than those obtained from your predecessor George W. Bush has managed to make the concrete in trade between Africa and the United States of America.



BARA GAYE, National Secretary General of the Union of Young Labor lLibérales (UJTL) ;

Secretary General of the National Youth Council of Senegal (NPCs), former Minister Counsellor of President Abdoulaye Wade

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